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Never find yourself in a situation where you're unable to accept payment from a customer.
Just use your mobile phone as a merchant terminal to process credit card transactions anywhere and anytime.
Even using an ancient handset or on a voice and text only plan, you can use iCharge Mobile SMS to submit a transaction.

Click PLAY to start/restart. Text Message Format
To process a transaction, simply send a text message to the iCharge Service Number like this:


In the above example:
* Card Number: 4444333322221111
* Card Expiry MMYY: 1215
* Amount in Cents: 7495 ($74.95)
* Invoice Reference Number 123 (optional)

iCharge sends a response text message back. See animated demo on left.

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Works on ALL phones.
Can be used on your smartphone or WAP phone as a backup when data connectivity is poor.
Designed for quick data entry using numbers and hash only.
For security, it is only advisable to use on old handsets that do not store message history.
For security, SMS messages are secured over the air using A5 encryption, and senders are identified using COMP128 authentication.
Unlimited number of mobile users under one account at no extra charge.
Transaction Query function to check transaction history.
Receipt/Tax Invoice is automatically emailed back to you for forwarding on to the customer by email or post. A receipt book is required to manually issue on-the-spot receipts.
Australian or New Zealand domiciled merchants. Nine transaction currencies (AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HKD, NZD, SGD, USD)
Includes a powerful merchant administration back-end system to manage your business 24X7 from anywhere. Track payments, monitor users, make refunds, produce business reports, and more.
Callback hooks available for real-time integration to your own in-house IT system.

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